Our Selection Process
Our unique processors speaks for itself, with a proven track record.

Our recruitment process starts by customizing the match to the client’s current and future manpower and talent requirements.
We closely work with the HR /Admin or Top Management to understand the client’s organization with regard to current business activities and its organization and reporting structure, staff culture (trade unions) and its future expansion plans along with the financial stability and growth.
We then do an Internal and External Mapping for the said position(s) according to the JD and the specific competencies along with the probable companies they could be. This selection and mapping process includes the job title, principal accountabilities according to the JD, key performance and result areas, reporting authority, internal/external contacts which will be useful for the job role, reporting and supervisory relationships, working conditions / environment, job specifications, approximate compensation, family background (including the spouse) location and other relevant details.
We then identify the current candidates from our database, we map other candidates from the industry and indentify a pool of suitable candidates for the said position.
After the first round of telephone interviews then the candidates are screened, according to the JD of the client using one to one chats.
We use competency-based interviewing and relevant behavioral questionnaires to prepare short listed candidates with our recommendations to client.
Presenting the short listed candidates to the client for final interview and selection. We have a one to three or less ratio per every mandate given.
We coordinate all interviews, logistics and preparations with all stake holders until the final offer is given.
Coordinate to negotiate the compensation and benefits along with the joining period and the other perks available to the candidate.
We always have a 2nd level of candidates who will be willing to fitting for the job, to minimize time spent on the selection process, if there could be reasons of the 1st selected candidates have an issue in taking us the job which is beyond anyone’s control.
We do reference checks and other needed information gathering according to clients needs
We always have a close relationship with all stake holders until the candidate joins the organization and ensure satisfaction on all related parties

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